The starting point for choosing your dining room chairs is the table. You should base your purchase decision on its height and shape as well as its material. The height of the people in your household should also be taken into account. If there are many large family members, choose a higher table and matching chairs with higher seat height. In general, you sit well when the legs can be placed on the floor at right angles. As a rule of thumb for the proportions, there should be 28 to 30 cm of space between the tabletop and the seat so that there is sufficient legroom and you can easily get up from your chair. So before you go out and buy chairs: be sure to measure the table height.

The usual seat height for dining room chairs is 45 cm, 5 cm up and down are possible. The standard width is also 45 cm. Models with armrests are, of course, mostly more spacious and offer strong people more seating comfort. So that everyone can move around the table well and you don’t sit too close together, at least 60 cm space per person is required. We recommend a distance of 80 cm from the wall or the next piece of furniture to comfortably move the chair. This passage width is also sufficient to pass behind the chairs. Armed with these numbers, you can determine how many chairs can fit around your table. Also, note the position of the table legs, these can play a decisive role in the placement of the chairs.

Just as the dining table influences the seat height and the possible placement of the chairs, it also determines the type and style of seating. Upholstered wooden chairs and possibly even a bench go well with a rustic oak table, while a modern plastic table with a steel frame is elegantly completed with classic cantilever chairs. In addition to the look, all types of chairs also have practical features that make them more suitable for certain facilities than for others.

Wooden chairs in the dining room are much appreciated because they are traditional and easy to maintain. The seat is padded on many models. But you can also put a chic chair cushion on it. The material wood can be wiped off well, which also makes it popular with families. Solid wood also contributes to a healthy indoor climate, which is particularly desirable in the dining room.

Upholstered chairs are available with covers in all imaginable colors, made of fabric, leather, or synthetic leather. They are available with or without armrests and with high or low backrests. Upholstered chairs create a homely atmosphere and often add beautiful color accents in the dining room. The fabric covers are of course sensitive to stains. Here it is advisable to choose chairs with washable covers.

Chair frames with a plastic seat shell are classics that are currently experiencing a revival. Like wooden chairs, they are very easy to care for and become comfortable with a suitable cushion. They come in many colors and they go well with modern plastic tables. Especially oval or round tables look chic and young with casual shell chairs made of colored plastic.

Cantilever chairs offer rocking seating comfort thanks to their sled base. The characteristic design was developed in the 1920s by the Bauhaus designers Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. Since then, the classic has been at home in many modern facilities. Typical materials for cantilever chairs are steel and leather.

Whichever chair model you choose, please note that it has to be easy to push to the table. Inversions with armrests, should be matched to the lower edge of the table so that the chair can still be pushed in. If this is not the case, you should rather only use armchairs for the front sides. If you get frequent visits, it may still be worth buying folding or stacking chairs that you can add if necessary. A bench is also practical for many guests because sometimes one can sit on it.

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