Wardrobes defy every trend and cannot be driven off by the dressing room and closet. So that clothes and laundry can be perfectly organized, to the right size. If the color and materials are still right, the storage furniture becomes a piece of jewelry in the apartment. Find out how to choose the perfect wardrobe here!

Determine the correct size
The closet should be large enough, but still not dominate the room. The Association of the German Furniture Industry recommends a volume of one cubic meter per person. That would correspond to a 100 cm wide, 54 cm deep, and 200 cm high cabinet.

Those who plan 1.5 cubic meters instead have room for improvement. Because most people have significantly more clothes than they think! If shirts, blouses, and suits are pressed afterward like the oil sardines in the closet and everything is crumpled or overlooked, this is an unnecessary strain on the nerves.

To get an idea for your space requirement, clear out your current closet and measure the pile of clothes. You can compare these dimensions with your desired model. At the same time, keep in mind that you will never use the interior 100% perfectly – if only because you also need space to remove or put things in. More about the interior design below.

Since most of the wardrobes are in the bedroom, make sure that there is enough space between the bed and the wardrobe so that you can move around comfortably. Sliding doors elegantly solve this problem when space is limited.

The right color and material selection
To ensure that your new wardrobe enriches the room, pay attention to color and materials when making your selection.

White fronts appear simple and at the same time are timelessly elegant. They convey the feeling of space in the room and step back in front of the other furniture. The clear and pure colors can be combined with any desired color and different colored pieces of furniture.

Dark fronts absorb a lot of light, which many find comfort in the bedroom. Small rooms, however, quickly become depressed due to dark wardrobes. In combination with mirrors, you can mitigate this effect.

If you want to let the room appear further, mirror fronts are a good choice and also an indispensable helper for the daily styling check.

Real wood fronts in bright colors create a cozy atmosphere and can be combined with many other materials. Dark wooden fronts look more elegant. Incidentally, a solid wood wardrobe also improves the indoor climate.

Pay attention to the inner life!
However, an attractive look is of little use to you if the interior of your wardrobe leaves something to be desired. Because most of the time, bed linen, household appliances, and bath towels are also stored in the cupboard.

Therefore, think in advance how and with what you fill your closet. For example, compartments and shelves are not so helpful if you want to store mostly hanging pieces such as coats and evening dresses. If you have more “flat goods” such as jeans and a sweater, you will need enough cupboard compartments. Drawers are suitable for belts, underwear and socks.

When choosing the interior:

The pieces you need most often are stored at a height between 60 and 160 cm.
On the floor and in the upper area of ​​the wardrobe, on the other hand, laundry and items of clothing that are not needed during the current season find their place.
If you plan to create more storage space and reduce the area for the clothes rail, calculate with a height of 80 cm, provided you only hang up blouses and blazers. Men’s shirts and jackets need 100 cm, long dresses with hangers at least 180 cm.

Tip on the side: A cabinet lighting provides a better overview. When planning, make sure that you can accommodate appropriate lights such as spots at the planned location. Or, even better: your desired model has integrated corresponding lights.

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