What did we love our nights on the air mattress! As children, we found this alternative to bed, which was so wonderfully easy to take anywhere, almost more comfortable than our regular bed. However, the older you get, the more you wonder why. Because air mattresses are really not comfortable and usually we wake up after a restless night with pain in the entire back and only want one thing: to quickly go home to our own bed. Fortunately, there are good alternatives to the air mattress today. We’ll show you which ones!

Good accommodations for guests
Not only when camping, but also on the go or when friends or family are visiting, flexible and comfortable sleeping is required. Iso-mats and air mattresses are the classics of overnight accommodation for guests, but they are far from being the best or only good options – at least for adults. Because a good place to sleep for guests or when traveling must not only be flexible and space-saving, but also comfortable. So that your guests like to stay overnight in the future, we present two perfect alternatives to the guest bed, which take up little space and are also inexpensive to buy.

What should you pay attention to when buying a guest mattress?
Quality guest mattresses give your visit excellent sleeping comfort. Good models can also be folded into cubes and can not only be used as a bed, but also as a table, seat or disc. So you can kill various flies with one stone with a guest mattress and the purchase is worthwhile in any case.

When buying, pay attention to the processing and especially the material used. A good cold foam guest mattress is sufficient for simple requirements and for occasional use. If the mattress is used frequently or you or your guests occasionally have problems with your back, you should opt for Visko. This high-quality mineral foam adapts optimally to the body and thus ensures a healthy lying position and particularly restful sleep on a guest mattress.

You should also briefly consider the cover. If you choose a simple color that fits your interior, the folded guest mattress fits well into your home. With good models, the cover can also be removed and washed, which is of course also an advantage. If you want to use the guest mattress on the go or on vacation, you should also make sure that there is a suitable transport bag for the mattress or that the folded mattress is equipped with a handle to facilitate transport.

How much does a good guest mattress cost?
Another advantage of guest mattresses: You get good models at a comparatively low price. The foldable best-sleep guest mattress “Deluxe” z. B., with a 4 cm layer of high-quality visco, you get only € 99.95. If a guest mattress made of good cold foam is sufficient, you are well-advised with the simple best-sleep guest mattress for only € 59.95.

A bed chair as a comfortable place to stay
Another very good alternative to an air mattress is offered by armchairs, which can be flexibly converted from an armchair into a bed, thus ultimately providing you with a foldable guest bed. Particularly practical: The armchair bed also serves as an ordinary armchair for reading, watching TV, or relaxing and can be turned into a guest bed at any convenient time. So you don’t have to worry about where to put your guest bed when you don’t need it and invest your money twice as well.

What to look for when buying a sofa bed?
The most important thing with a sofa bed is a successful combination of look and functionality. Because neither one nor the other should make (too big) compromises. After all, your armchair bed should do both: offer your guests the best sleeping comfort and make you a comfortable armchair as an everyday piece of furniture.

So start with the aspect that is most important to you. As a rule, this is comfort, because it has to be right for both the armchair and the guest bed. Good workmanship, high-quality material, and comfortable upholstery should be high on your list of priorities. Make sure that you can sit and lie comfortably on your new multifunctional piece of furniture. Additional cushions increase comfort and padding that is neither too soft nor too hard also benefits you for both functions.

Easy handling is just as important as comfort in a good armchair. Finally, the construction of the guest bed should be quick and easy

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