Outdoor furniture must be reliable and washable. Poufs are a great choice due to their simplicity and lightness. It is a cubical seat that is mobile, compact and works well both indoors and outdoors. 

Another advantage of poufs is its versatility. They can serve as seats, footstools or tables, and maybe restyled according to your wishes. Functionality is impressive. But how should you choose the most suitable pouf for the yard?

  • If you are planning to sit for extended periods of time, opt for bigger, softer and cozier types that you can easily sink into. 
  • If you are planning to use the item as a table, choose sturdier models that can hold objects on its surface. 


Think about the colors dominant in your yard. The shade you pick should match the exterior decor. 


As your pouf will be used outside, it will require regular cleaning. Silk is not an option here. Faux leather will be far more reasonable. It is especially recommended for families with pets, as the cover can be cleaned easily, and animal hair does not stick to the surface.

A wonderful outdoor option is a hand-knitted 100% cotton cord. A pouf like that will give you a very cozy and warm feel.


Bean bags are an innovative choice for outdoor furniture. Their popularity has been soaring. A recently introduced item, a good bean bag is a mobile interior detail that can be used in the yard. However, be careful when buying one, as customers are prone to the same common mistakes. 

Ensure the highest quality and longest lifespan of your outdoor bean bag by following our simple tips. 

1. Do not be guided by emotions

Base your choice on knowledge, rather than your immediate emotional reaction. Focus on the functionality of the item which catches your eye. Is the size right? Will this shape feel comfortable? Do all its zippers work?

 2. Does it have an inside bag? 

There could be an inside bag, which prevents the filling from spilling out if the outer bag is torn. The latter could be a consequence of an accident or dog’s play, but a bean bag for the yard should be the double-bag type. Generally, the internal bag has polystyrene beads, while the one on top can be taken off for cleaning. 

3. Is the shape right for you?

Naturally, you should pick a shape based on your personal needs. This question, however, often becomes a bone of contention. To make the right choice, consider the following. 

Will it be moved around a lot? Go one from the “kids” category. These are Pear-shaped bags of different sizes, and they are equipped with a handle for moving. Another popular option is the L shape. You could also consider two-seater variations — a crossbreed between a bag and a sofa. 

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