When faced with the choice of a mattress, you may be hesitant. After all, humanity has now devised a range of surfaces to sleep on. Innerspring products have been around for decades, but they look obsolete in comparison with memory foam and orthopedic alternatives. Or you chose Serta mattress without any review? Which one should you pick? 

What is Memory Foam?

Such products are made of viscoelastic materials. Interestingly, they first appeared in the 70s and were devised by NASA for airplane pilots and passengers. The foam did not start its conquest of the mattress market until the 90s. 

Back then, users complained of sleeping hot and feeling trapped in the material. The manufacturers worked hard to improve their products, and the mistakes were corrected. Present-day memory foam mattresses are useful for remedying a number of sleep issues. 

  • Discomfort due to uneven pressure on the body during sleep
  • Chronic back pain or neck pain
  • Difficulties with breathing during sleep
  • Allergies

More Benefits

Another major advantage of the foam is its resistance to dust mites. These microscopic bugs use empty spaces inside innerspring mattresses as their nesting ground. 

Secondly, if your sleep partner keeps tossing and turning, you need to keep motion transfer to a minimum. A foam mattress will do just that. It also does not sag and therefore requires no rotation to maintain its shape. 

When is an Orthopedic Mattress a Good Option?

This type of mattress suits a specific purpose, helping people with spinal, back or joint issues. The product enables proper spinal alignment during sleep. However, be careful in your search for the best orthopedic mattress. 

First of all, no materials are certified as orthopedic, and the term could be applied as a sales trick. Any claims and promises coming from manufacturers should be taken with a grain of salt. Try to find proof of the advertised health effects of their products.

Here are a few things to do before making your choice: 

  1. Find as much information about the materials as possible.
  2. Check indentation load deflection, layer density, and other indicators. 
  3. Study genuine customer feedback.
  4. Contact the customer service staff if you have queries.

When calling, pay attention to the general tone of the conversation. In case of obvious aggressive sales techniques, look for the mattress elsewhere. A reliable provider will be open and ready to answer any of your questions. 

What to Choose

Evaluate your needs. What is the most important characteristic for you? For instance, you should choose memory foam if your priority is:

  • plush surface,
  • hypoallergenic nature of materials, or
  • good value for money.

Orthopedic mattresses, on the other hand, are best for:

  • temperature control and air circulation,
  • reducing off-gassing,
  • strong support,
  • eco-friendly choice

Overall, each type has its specific advantages. Assess your individual needs and look for suppliers that use high-quality material and provide full information about their products.

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